- Unified Communications Research - Unified Communications Research Fri, 19 Oct 2018 23:29:20 Indian Unified Communications (UC) Applications and Services Market, Forecast to 2022 With ongoing advancements in technologies, the world is growing to become a connected place and communication is increasingly becoming the most important ingredient for building a connected world. Organizations worldwide are embracing better communication technologies so as to improve their employee productivity and also enable their workforce to stay connected to each other, no matter where they are located. The introduction of newer technology concepts like artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics is enabling companies to enhance their communication tools, thereby leading to better organization-wide transparency and efficiency. Companies today are adopting a unified communication approach where they are implementing tools and technologies so as to simplify communication and collaboration processes within the organization. In India too, businesses, especially large enterprises, are shifting from standalone communication products or solutions to comprehensive unified communication and collaboration solutions. To cater to these changing preferences, the traditional communication solution providers are re-building and repositioning themselves as UC platform providers by re-architecting their products and solutions and also by building stronger technology partnerships. While the demand for traditional corporate communication tools like email and IP telephony continues to exist in India, business users are now seeking advanced communication and collaboration tools like enterprise team messaging, chatbots, cloud telephony, and similar others. The requirements in the contact center market in India is fast transforming, with businesses looking for advanced customer analytics, AI-integrated contact center solutions and enhanced workforce management (WFM) solutions for improved agent productivity. With growing penetration of cloud-based solutions, the demand for cloud-based unified communication services is on the rise. These solutions are expected to have a larger adoption among small and medium business segments. This report titled Indian Unified Communications (UC) Applications and Services Market, Forecast to 2022 analyzes the state of unified communication in the country in 2017. With an aim to provide the readers of the report a comprehensive understanding of the market (current and future), a well-tested step-by-step research methodology has been followed, which is an ideal mix of primary and secondary research. The market research report starts with defining the Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) market, the mega trends affecting the growth of UCC in India, industry verticals impacting the UCC adoption, and an overview on the horizontals adopting UCC. It measures drivers and restraints to the market are identified and their impacts on growth. It further estimates the market sizing and provides forecasts for the overall market and sub-segments of UC Applications and Services (Contact Center/Email/Conferencing, Integrated UC/Telephony), along with market engineering measurements. Finally, it identifies growth opportunities that Frost & Sullivan believes will create differentiators for Unified Communication and Collaboration vendors.--BEGIN PROMO--

Key Issues Addressed

  • What is the current state of the overall UC applications and services market in India?
  • What are the specific drivers and challenges for the growth of UC in India?
  • What is the current market size and future forecast of UC applications and services?
  • How is the vertical and the horizontal split and what are the trends?
  • What would the market look like by the end of 2022?
  • What does the future hold for UC in India?
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Cloud IP Telephony and UC&C Services Market in Latin America, Forecast to 2024 The cloud IP telephony and unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) services market exhibited a strong performance in Latin America in 2017, regardless of the highly challenging economic scenario in the region. Competition is expected to increase in most countries in Latin America due to new service providers entering the market, existing participants widening their service portfolio, and platform providers broadening the availability of cloud-based solutions in the marketplace. Solid growth is forecast for the forthcoming years driven by new services launches in several countries, hybrid deployments fueling the adoption of cloud services within large enterprises, and an increasing demand for integrations with third-party applications and security enhancements. Service providers in Latin America are looking to evolve the user consumption from basic telephony to more advanced UC&C functionalities, such as Web and video conferencing, persistent chat rooms, mobility and the use of multiple devices, and integration with external applications and devices. The market is also challenged by still functioning legacy systems that restrain further deployments of cloud solutions. Major growth opportunities in this market include, but are not limited to: Increase the use of UC capabilities among customers: As more Latin American enterprises onboard new Millennials workers and adopt new ways of working - such as mobile, remote or on-demand work -, the use of advanced communications functionalities become a stronger business driver. Expand Market Reach: Many SPs - especially national carriers - have developed a multi-segment strategy and have now different value propositions for different type of customers. Enterprise-grade Mobility: As the BYOD and remote working trends continue to expand in Latin America, offering enterprise-grade mobility is becoming a must for any provider that wants to stay competitive in the marketplace. Cloud Contact Center: Latin American organizations value the opportunity to outsource an integrated set of cloud communications and contact center from a single provider and thus ensure greater usability, as well as gain operational efficiencies through a consolidated bill and a single throat to choke. Mid-Market and Large Enterprise: Latin American mid-market and large enterprises are progressively opening up to cloud communications due to maturing technologies and business models. This report provides a detailed assessment of the cloud IP telephony and UC&C services Market in Latin America, providing segmentations for several variables such as geography, customer size, type of license, industry vertical, technology platform, architecture type, IP phone as a service, type of access and market share. The base year of this study is 2017. Revenue and users are forecast until 2024. Fri, 31 Aug 2018 13:18:02 +0100